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Re: Catering for Replicas

Postby Team Illusion No99 » Fri Nov 19, 2010 10:04 am

yeah and as an addition to my above post, and in regard to Marty asking "How to get past MA for a logbook".......
well you don't. "Getting past" alludes to that something isn't legal in some sense or that there is a bit of cheating in hand. Well in my case with the KZ and as for my advise to anyone wanting to logbook a period bike is to work within the framework of the current GCR's..... if you have something that you are aware of that maybe contentious talk to someone who can put you straight as to in or out, Marcus for example, before you put anytime or effort into production. There are always allowances made for availability etc and bikes on the grid keep the classes alive. And if your arsed about someones rig not being legal..... put up the protest money and have it dealt with.

As for someone knowing that they are NOT within the spirit and intent of the GCR's and are purposely hiding the fact and hoping to get it passed, well the word NOB comes to mind.....and for what purpose, be a winner, go faster, NOB

If so, they hould have tried to be a winner 30 years ago, now it's just old blokes on old bikes putting on a show when wanted and having a club day race. A national title, if you win one will give the missus another dust collector, pull on reefer a bit harder and you could end up world champion. The world is full of NOBS My opinion anyway, flap.
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Re: Catering for Replicas

Postby acotrel » Mon Jun 09, 2014 6:24 am

What is the current equivalent road race class to the old Allpowers C Grade ? Surely there must be room for racing without all the bullshit ? What do the beginners ride ?
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Re: Catering for Replicas

Postby Jason » Sun Nov 09, 2014 8:53 pm

Nothing for months....and months...then BAM! Alan's back on the old chestnut bandwagon! Welcome back.

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